8 Jun 2006

Voters to go to polls in Matavera in Cooks

3:48 pm on 8 June 2006

Voters will be going to the polls in the Matavera constituency of the Cook Islands on July the 19th.

The Matavera seat, once held by the former health and police minister Peri Vaevae Pare, was declared vacant yesterday.

Mr Vaevae Pare lost his seat after the Cook Islands Court of Appeal dismissed his application for an appeal last week.

He was found guilty in November on three charges of taking or dealing with certain documents with the intent to defraud and gain pecuniary advantage.

The Chief registrar of electors Terry Hagan says the rolls will be out shortly.

"The master roll, the roll that was used for the 2004 general election, that will be out and the amendments to that close 13th June and then we open the supplementary rolls and they are open for another fortnight after that."

The Chief registrar of electors Terry Hagan