12 Jun 2006

Senate President in American Samoa makes personal stand against Da Vinci Code

5:51 am on 12 June 2006

The Senate President in American Samoa, Lolo Letalu Moliga is taking a public stand against the movie the Da Vinci Code and is joining religious leaders in asking the governor to stop the movie from being shown in the territory.

Lolo says his views are his own and should not be taken as the Senate's opinion.

Lolo has written to Governor Togiola saying that while he is a firm advocae of free speech and freedom of the press, he finds that the movie has transcended boundaries of decency and civility, bordering on offensiveness.

He id since American Samoa is a Christian country leaders have a duty to ward off attacks aimed at undermining the Christian faith.

He said young people can easily be swayed by philosophical manipulations in the movie.

The Senate president said he is joining with other religious leaders to urge the governor to prevent this "unnecessary onslaught" .

He has suggested that the governor establish a task force of religious and civic leaders to view the movie first and make a decision.