12 Jun 2006

New Zealand minister discerns frustration about aid distribution

11:36 am on 12 June 2006

The New Zealand Revenue Minister, Peter Dunne, says there appears to be a level of frustration in the Pacific over the way New Zealand's aid is distributed.

Mr Dunne was part of a delegation which over the past week has met the stake holders in a number of aid projects in Vanuatu and the Cook Islands.

His comment came after a request from the Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce for the bulk funding of aid, particularly so large infrastructural projects can be undertaken and completed promptly.

Mr Dunne says there has also been a suggestion that a suite of options could be put forward for New Zealand to consider.

He used the example of the delegation not going to the Cooks' Northern Group - it couldn't because of the lack of a suitable airstrip.

"And the question that then arises is should we be doing more to assist in the development of those type of infrastructural projects. So, it's more in that direction that the bulk-funding or the suite of options approach gets raised. And I think we'll all take that thought back to New Zealand and think about are there better ways of doing things than we do."