14 Jun 2006

Solomon Islands High Court lays out details within electoral petitions

1:11 pm on 14 June 2006

A pre-trial hearing will be held in the Solomon Islands High Court for the electoral petitions that have been received.

The court's chief executive officer, Bruce Kelly, says a total of eight petitions, which contained allegations ranging from fraud, corruption and vote buying, were submitted.

Mr Kelly the petitioners are required to pay 5,000 Solomon Islands dollars, which amounts to 700 US. dollars, before they can proceed to a pre-trial hearing before a judge.

"The judge will be looking at a number of things - that is whether the applicants have given sufficient particulars, whether there's an application for any amendment by either side. Any other issues arising out of the petition, and if possible to get some agreed facts, the number of witnesses that the parties will be calling and to fix the actual trial date of the actual petition."

Mr Kelly will not give the details of which constituencies are involved as he says some petitions may not proceed.