15 Jun 2006

American Samoa's health regulatory board has not made a decision on overseas doctors

9:04 am on 15 June 2006

American Samoa's Health Regulatory Board has not made a decision on the issue of licenses for overseas doctors practising at the LBJ Hospital and the health Department.

Graduates of the Fiji School of Medicine and other non US licensed physicians are employed by the hospital and the health department.

At issue is a requirement that has been on the law books since 1987 but which for some reason the previous health Regulatory Boards have overlooked.

This requires graduates of the Fiji School of Medicine to take another exam in order to practice in the territory.

A proposal by Governor Togiola Tulafono to have a local exam developed for non US certified physicians to take, did not receive positive response from the Board.

A board member says the feeling of the board was that in order to maintain standards and keep academic qualifications on par with the US, it would not be wise to have a local exam.