26 Jun 2006

Indonesian human rights group alleges torture of Papuans

10:13 am on 26 June 2006

An international human rights organisation says it strongly concerned about the harsh treatment of 16 Papuans who have been in police detention in Jayapura since early May.

The group are charged with participating in a demonstration held in Jayapura in March.

The Indonesia Human Rights Campaign says reports from local groups say the men have been subjected to harsh torture and maltreatment during the first weeks of their detention.

It says one group visited the men in mid June, and it said the men showed signs of torture.

And, it says one of the men was denied medical treatment.

The group says it's concerned about the trial process that is also currently underway in Jayapura.

It says a lawyer appointed by the court has failed to visit the men or advice them on

how to handle their defence.