27 Jun 2006

American Samoan Treasurer to look at proposal to introduce a lottery

4:01 pm on 27 June 2006

The proposal to introduce a government lottery in American Samoa could provide a good source of revenue for the administration, says the territory's Treasurer.

Velega Savali says he would like to look into the idea and believes it has worked well in Samoa as a source of revenue for the government there.

Velega says he would like to see how the system works in other countries to find out the benefits and disadvantages but he believes it could gain public support.

"I think there's a good potential that people might like to have a lottery if it will also benefit the government in as far as funding some of the projects. Plus also there is a possibility that canneries might eventually leave the island, and that would be another revenue generating measure that we might look into."

Velega Savali.