27 Jun 2006

American Samoan senator campaigning for support of lottery bill

7:22 pm on 27 June 2006

An American Samoan senator says he's working to gain support for his proposal to establish a government-run lottery.

Faiivae Galeai says the lottery would provide the government with another source of revenue because people already believe they pay enough tax.

Under the proposal, 40 percent of the lotto money would go to the LBJ hospital, 40 percent would be spent on education scholarships, and the balance would go to government operations.

Faiivae says his attorney is working on drafting a bill to present to the next Fono session in July.

The senator says he's also campaigning to ensure support for the bill.

"Economically, American Samoa's resources are very limited. Naturally we have to think of a way to develop some money making to help the hospital, to help the education. And, that's why I'm interested to start this."

Faiivae Galeai says he hopes the senate, the House of Representatives and the governor, who must sign off on the bill for it to become law, will support the proposal.