28 Jun 2006

Fiji Labour cabinet minister criticises academics

7:47 am on 28 June 2006

The Fiji Labour Party cabinet minister, Lekh Ram Vyashnoi, has attacked academics at the University of the South Pacific for petitioning President Iloilo to make the multi-party cabinet work.

The academics had told President Iloilo in a letter that the formation of the multi-party cabinet after the general election had provided new hope for peace and stability in Fiji.

Amid mounting concern about the survival of the multi-party cabinet, they asked the president to call a meeting of the leaders of the SDL and the Labour Party to provide them with guidance and encouragement to make it work

The academics said the leaders ought to be reminded by the highest authority in Fiji that the road ahead required truly creative leadership beyond communal groups.

But Mr Vyashnoi has told Radio Fiji that the academics are meddling in affairs that are none of their business.

Mr Vyashnoi says "the academics should concentrate more on their academic activities rather than poking their nose in politics."

He says matters should be left to the politicians and the SDL and Labour are doing well.