30 Jun 2006

New French Polynesia monument declared traffic hazard

3:17 pm on 30 June 2006

The French Polynesian government says it will take court action against those who set up a monument in Papeete in support of autonomy from France.

Those backing ties with France commemorate June 29th as autonomy day in reference to that day in 1880 when King Pomare V signed a declaration with France for it to be able to run the government.

The pro-autonomy group, made up of the opposition, has also renamed the square Autonomy Square.

The government says the monument could pose a risk to traffic and according to the Tahitipresse news agency responsibility would fall on the territorial government and not the city of Papeete whose major is an opposition politician.

Meanwhile the government has decided to rename Avenue Bruat and now call it Aroa Pouvanaa Oopa.

This is to honour the French Polynesian leader who was exiled by France in the 1950's for resisting colonial rule.