4 Jul 2006

Fiji fuel prices rise to highest level ever

10:13 am on 4 July 2006

Fuel prices in Fiji have risen to their highest level ever.

Unleaded petrol has risen by 12-US cents a litre to 1-US dollar-14 cents a litre.

Diesel fuel has gone up 7-US cents a litre to 95-US cents a litre.

Kerosene, which is widely used in rural cooking, has risen to 79-US cents a litre and premix fuel used by outboard boat engines has risen to 1-US dollar-12 cents a litre.

The Fiji Taxi Union says fares have not been increased for six years and has advised its members to stop using meters and negotiate fares directly with their customers.

Fish sellers have blamed soaring fish prices on the rising cost of premix fuel.