5 Jul 2006

Solomon Islands provincial government awaiting response on reconciliation proposals

2:44 pm on 5 July 2006

The Guadalcanal provincial government in Solomon Islands is still waiting for a response from the national government over proposals it put forward for reconciliation to take place.

The acting deputy premier, Terry Vekea, says there are lots of issues still outstanding for people who live on the Weathercoast region of Guadalcanal where local communities were terrorised during the ethnic tension.

His comments follow a deputy special co-ordinator at the Regional Assistance Mission, or RAMSI, saying reconciliation is urgently needed on the Weathercoast and tension remains among villages.

Mr Vekea says there is a need to compensate and rehabilitate the communities and this was the basis of a report sent to the national government earlier this year.

"The deputy premier of this provincial government has already forwarded a report to the national government, within the ministry of peace and reconciliation. We didn't receive a response from the national government and we are still yet to receive a response from them."

Mr Vekea says the reconciliation needs to be in the form of either money or materials to rebuild houses.

Repeated attempts to contact the Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation for comment were unsuccessful.