7 Jul 2006

Solomons Government should show readiness now to fight corruption - watchdog

9:58 am on 7 July 2006

The Solomon Islands chapter of the anti corruption group, Transparency International, says it wants to see early evidence the Government is serious about combatting corruption.

Transparency Solomon Islands has welcomed references to accountability and good governance in the Government's recent policy announcements, but points out it has the necessary legal framework to take action now.

Spokesperson, Tony Hughes, says to show its commitment the government could immediately ensure the recommendations of the auditor general in audit reports already in the public domain are acted upon.

"And there are a number of other areas that have not yet been the subject of audit reports but there are plenty of people in the public who could come forward and speak in they thought the Government was going to take some notice of what they said. So we are keen too that institutions like the Leadership Code Commission, which can act on complaints from the public, should be upfront and in contact with the public and inviting the public to come forward and tell them what is happening."