10 Jul 2006

Fiji Labour party leader urged to answer claims causing disputes within party

10:38 am on 10 July 2006

The Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra, Chaudhry, has been urged to come clean on issues which have led to a bitter division in the party.

The Sunday Times reports that one of those behind the call is the Labour Party's former Vuda Open MP, Vijay Singh, who says he was promised a place in the Senate for allowing Felix Anthony to take over the seat.

Mr Singh says Mr Chaudhry not only manipulated him but others who put their trust in him were also betrayed.

Mr Chaudhry has denied that Mr Singh was promised a senate seat and said the story behind it would be revealed when the time is right.

But Mr Singh has challenged Mr Chaudhry to tell the nation and the people of Vuda what the story is.

Meanwhile, the president of Labour's Vuda branch, Prem Singh, says the issue of Mr Chaudhry's false promises would be discussed at their branch meeting tomorrow.