10 Jul 2006

Fiji police admit security shortcomings during Princess Anne's visit

1:16 pm on 10 July 2006

Fiji police admit that security for Princess Anne's visit to the country was not up to speed.

An investigation is being held after two security scares which have seen a former psychiatric patient and an electrician charged with breaching security.

In the first incident, a drunk man was found wandering around the Boron House compound in Suva where the Princess was staying.

In the second, the former patient got within 20 metres of the Princess's car and threw a garlic crusher at the vehicle.

The police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says some basic policing was forgotten during the visit.

"From what I understand not every police officer had their face to the crowd, some of them were watching the entourage which is elementary crowd control stuff. I'm not saying that even if they were watching they could have necessarily prevented it, but it's just basic stuff that we need to reinforce to the officers."

Mr Hughes says any officers found to have been remiss could face disciplinary action.