10 Jul 2006

Fiji apologises to Princess Anne

7:16 pm on 10 July 2006

The Fiji government has officially apologized to Britain's Princess Anne for two breaches of security last Saturday during her visit to Suva.

The minister for foreign affairs, Kaliopate Tavola, has told Radio Fiji that the apology is in line with protocol.

Mr Tavola says the government regrets the unfortunate indents but they can happen anywhere around the world because there are crazy people all over the place.

In one incident in the early hours of Saturday morning, a 24-year old man was found wandering drunk in the gardens of Princess Anne's residence hoping to meet her.

In the second later that morning, a large steel garlic crusher was thrown at her car which was dented but there were no injuries.

A Suva magistrate has remanded the man, a known psychiatric patient, to St Giles Psychiatric Hospital in Suva for an assessment before a decision is made on his trial.