11 Jul 2006

Vanuatu set to appoint local as new Police Commissioner

8:59 am on 11 July 2006

Vanuatu's Police Service Commission is set to appoint a ni-Vanuatu to the post of Police Commissioner, vacant since 2002.

Three senior ni-Vanuatu police officers were shortlisted for the job and interviewed by a panel of Directors General last month, following a series of delays in the appointment process.

The delays came amid debate over whether the post should be taken by a foreigner or a local.

The acting police commissioner, Lt Major Arthur Caulton says he received a letter from Commission chairman Leonard Bule on Friday, informing him that the selection has been made.

Major Caulton, who is one of the three shortlisted, says the letter doesn't make clear who the successful candidate is...

"In their letter the chairman stated they will probably make an appointment with the Head of State sometime this week, or anytime as soon as possible, just to advise him of the candidate. As to when the head of State will actually appoint a new Commissioner, that is yet to be known. At this stage we can say that it's a local person."