15 Jul 2006

Nauru takes seven gold at weightlight championship in Samoa

11:10 am on 15 July 2006

The second day of the Commonwealth Oceania and South pacific weightlifting championship in Samoa has seen Nauru taking seven gold medals in the women's 48 kg division.

Suzanne Hiram has lifted a total of 139 kg in all seven categories from commonwealth to Oceania and south pacific junior and senior divisions.

But the Australians were too good for the women's 53kg division where they won 5 gold medals.

In the men's 62 kg division China was the favorite winning the second gold medal in the top Pacific Rim division.

But Manuel Minginfel, from the Federated States of Micronesia, was the best who lifted a total of 284kg, compare to China's Zhisheng who only managed to lift 273kg in total.

Minginfel from FSM has won 3 golds in three categories.

Still from the same division, New Zealand's Cameron Sinclair, won two golds and one bronze in the commonwealth and the Oceania junior and senior categories.

Meanwhile another Chinese weightlifter on the second day of the tournament has won gold in the men's 77kg division.

Haihua Liu has lifted a total of 343kg with Nauru's weightlifter; Peter Yukio came second with 2 golds and one silver at a total of 330kg.

China has also won gold in the men's 69kg division of the Pacific Rim category where Yuewei Yao, has lifted a total of 295kg.

Australia's Joel Wilson won two gold in the junior and seniors' category of the Oceania division.

The team from Tuvalu Island won 2 golds in the same division for south pacific senior and junior categories.