17 Jul 2006

Fiji NGO does not support calls for public inquiry into coup

1:44 pm on 17 July 2006

The Pacific Centre for Public Integrity says it does not support calls for a public inquiry into Fiji's May 2000 coup.

The centre's director, Angie Heffernan, says the police are doing a good job in bringing to justice those connected with the coup.

The calls for the inquiry came from Josefa Nata, who's serving a life sentence after being convicted of treason for his role in the coup.

He says the truth about it and the mystery surrounding the coup makers may never be known unless the government holds a public inquiry.

But, Ms Heffernan says not only would it be too expensive but the police know what they're doing.

"At this stage we will not support one because we have confidence the police are doing a good job, the authorities, the wheels of justice are already in motion. They've done a superb job in investigating the events of 2000."

Ms Heffernan says the amended Reconciliation bill may also eventually provide an opportunity for people to tell their stories.