17 Jul 2006

American Samoa watchdog produces details to back claims against government official

7:01 pm on 17 July 2006

The American Samoa President of Common Cause, Dr. Trudie Iuli Sala, has responded to Governor Togiola Tulafono's request to submit evidence to back allegations against the former acting CEO of the American Samoa Power Authority John Marsh.

Common Cause alleged that materials purchased with ASPA funds were used on Mr Marsh's residence in Aua.

Dr. Iuli Sala brought the allegations to the governor's attention last week and the governor asked for supporting evidence to back up the claims.

Common Cause has now submitted the supporting documents to the governor with a request that those who circumvent public laws for their own greed be prosecuted.

Dr. Iuli Sala said the ASPA board has a policy that any expenditure of more than of 2500 must first be approved by the board.

The amount spent on the material purchase used on Marsh's residence was above that ceiling.

Common Cause alleged that ASPA employees were instructed by an ASPA supervisor who is Marsh's brother in law to deliver materials to Mr. Marsh's home. The brother in law signed for materials that never arrived at the ASPA compound.

Other employees were allegedly instructed to perform work on the Marsh home and guesstimate additional materials for the project