18 Jul 2006

New Caledonian union to appeal fine over strike at RFO

3:19 pm on 18 July 2006

The New Caledonian Kanak USTKE union says it will appeal against a court decision fining them about 100 000 US dollars for their strike action at the public broadcaster, RFO.

The strike has caused intermittent disruptions in radio and TV broadcasts.

It was triggered in March by the sacking of a Kanak technician who was convicted for assault during a 100-day strike at RFO in 2004.

A court in France has now decided to fine the union for its actions.

But an USTKE representative, Pierre Chauvat, says the union will appeal against ruling.

"Yes that's true, yes the court has taken that decision, but we will go for appeal."

USTKE representative, Pierre Chauvat