19 Jul 2006

Ongoing human rights violations blamed for murders in Papua

7:49 pm on 19 July 2006

Police behaviour and human rights violations are being blamed for two killings in a remote part of Indonesia's Papua province last Saturday.

The human rights group ELSHAM says a member of the local police in a Tolikara sub-district in Papua's Central Highlands shot dead a 19-year old woman, Selvi Kogaya, at a drinking party.

ELSHAM representative Paula Makabori says the woman had reportedly refused a request by the officer, Yermias Wabiser, for sex and was shot in the head and died immediately.

"So they tried to run away from the spot but some of the relatives were there and they had witnessed this accident so before they ran away from the crime scene, they [the police] were stopped by the relatives, including the fiancee of this victim, and they kill him by stabbing his stomach and knees."

Paula Makabori says two other officers were also injured trying to flee the scene.

She says the police have since sent military forces in to the district to pursue the relatives of the murdered woman.