21 Jul 2006

Vanuatu sets up team to review CRP

1:46 pm on 21 July 2006

Vanuatu's government has granted approval for an independent team of local consultants to review Vanuatu's Comprehensive Reform Programme, or CRP.

The Council of Ministers' decision to have the review comes nearly nine years after the CRP was started.

The consultant team will include specialists in the public, private, legal and social sectors as well as a gender specialist.

The director general of the Prime Minister's Office, Jean Sese, says there have been ad-hoc reviews of certain sectors in the past.

"But now we want to review the whole programme, and look at what we have done, what achievements we've made and what were the challenges, and decide on what future directions we will take."

The team will survey parts of the public to get some feedback from local communities on the real impact of service provided by government in relation to the programme.