21 Jul 2006

Kiribati opposition wants report on scholarship bungle

3:20 pm on 21 July 2006

A Kiribati opposition MP, Dr Tetaua Taitai, says his party will push for the findings of the scholarship inquiry to be released.

A probe was ordered after it became public knowledge that 18 students had been chosen to study in Fiji who had failed an University admission test, while those who had passed the exam were overlooked.

The report was commissioned two months ago and a team, led by a Tuvaluan, visited Fiji as part of the probe.

Although the report has been with the president for more than two weeks, the public is still not being informed about the findings.

Dr Taitai says the public has a right to know what went wrong.

"Our party will push for that. It is for the benefit of everybody. There has been a lot of uncertainty and speculation about it and we feel it would be best to make it public."

Opposition MP, Dr Tetaua Taitai.