26 Jul 2006

Cook Islands party consults lawyers over dissolution of parliament

1:45 pm on 26 July 2006

The Cook Islands Party is consulting lawyers about the legal action it can take after the dissolution of parliament yesterday.

The CIP says it had, and still has, the majority of MPs in parliament so the queen's representative should not have made the announcement that parliament was to be dissolved and general elections would be held.

A party MP, Henry Puna, says they want to challenge the decision in the High Court.

Mr Puna says they're expecting to hear from their lawyers shortly.

"We went and saw our solicitors to see what legal actions we can take, both to stay the execution of the dissolution of parliament, and also, to in fact, more importantly challenge the propriety or legality of the dissolution by the queen's representative."

Mr Puna says despite the prospect of a court case, the CIP will now start preparing to campaign for a general election.