27 Jul 2006

Civic education workshops well received in Vanuatu

6:17 pm on 27 July 2006

More than 150 people in Vanuatu have so far taken part in 5 workshops discussing civic education.

The Transparency International workshops cover topics such as the concept of the nation of Vanuatu, the rights and duties of its citizens, democracy, human rights and how the State should function.

Another fifty people are expected to attend the final two workshops.

Blandine Boulekon of Transparency International in Vanuatu says the participants have been enthusiastic to learn more.

"When we had independence most of them, they feel frustrated because they've never heard about what is the constitution and how it could build a nation, this one people don't understand. And how most of their Members of Parliament never report to them and especially learning about their rights and their duty."

Blandine Boulekon of Transparency Internationalin Vanuatu.