31 Jul 2006

Greenpeace dimisses Rimbunan Hijau-commissioned report on PNG logging

3:03 pm on 31 July 2006

The environmental organisation Greenpeace has dismissed accusations that it is running a slander campaign against a Malaysian Logging Company's operations in Papua new Guinea.

Rimbunan Hijau, which is the largest logging company in PNG, has long been accused of colluding with PNG political leaders to illegally harvest rainforest timber to the detriment of local landowners.

RH recently commissioned Australian consulting firm ITS Global to investigate.

The ITS Global report says claims by Greenpeace and other NGOs that logging companies in PNG are operating illegally were shown to be false.

But Greenpeace's campaign manager for the Asia/Pacific region, Danny Kennedy, says the report has a credibility problem to start with.

"They just seem to be the attack dogs sicking on us because they're suffering in the public space. The Papua New Guinean population knows that there aren't development gains where there is forestry. And they know that there's rip-offs - whether it be tax evasion by the logging industry or whether it be graft and corruption, they know that at the root of it, you find the logging sector."

Greenpeace's Danny Kennedy.