3 Aug 2006

Fiji businessman in Kuwait decides not to return home

9:57 am on 3 August 2006

A report from Fiji says the man who collected millions of dollars from 20,000 people in return for promises of jobs in Kuwait, Timoci Lolohea, will not be returning to Fiji.

Fiji TV says this has been revealed by a close associate of Mr Lolohea who is now working closely with police but will not reveal his identity for fear of victimisation.

Mr Lolohea left Fiji early last year and has not returned since.

The former associate says Mr Lolohea has now set up his own business in Kuwait and plans to open another office in Fiji under a new name.

The associate, who was one of the 450 people first sent to Kuwait by Mr Lolohea, says only about 250 remain there with most now working for other companies because they were not paid what they were promised.