4 Aug 2006

Samoan court disqualifies two politicians from running for office

10:03 am on 4 August 2006

One of Samoa's ruling Human Rights Protection Party MPs has lost his parliamentary seat after being found guilty of bribery.

A Supreme Court decision has found the Member of Parliament for Fa'asalele'aga number 2, Pa'u Sefo Pa'u, guilty of four charges of bribery before the election.

The ruling has also found the MP's opponent and petitioner, the former Independent MP, Leanapapa Laki, guilty of one counter allegation of treating.

A by-election will be called for Fa'asalele'aga number 2 constituency as a result of yesterday 's ruling.

Both the petitioner and the respondent are not eligible to run because they are both convicted of bribery and treating.

The decisions in two other cases which have already been heard are yet to be announced.

A third case between the Leader of Samoa party and the Minister of Broadcasting and Telecommunications is still being heard.