7 Aug 2006

Tahiti MP blames French inaction for lengthy port building occupation

6:13 am on 7 August 2006

A French Polynesian MP, Tea Hirshon, says the French authorities refuse to end a blockade of the administrative section of its headquarters in the port of Papeete.

A small group of the now dissolved GIP intervention force has long been defying the local government, either with road blocks or occupations.

In June, the head of the administration was assaulted when he approached the building in the port area.

Ms Hirshon says police won't act against those who maintain the illegal occupation.

"They keep the gates shut and we do not have the power to come and open that gate. This can only be done by the police which is run by the French, so the high commissioner is the controller of the police. I've written about five letters to them but they don't move."