7 Aug 2006

New discussions to be held over environmental impact of Goro Nickel project

6:06 am on 7 August 2006

The government of New Caledonia's Southern province says French scientists have returned for further discussions on the environmental impact of the Goro Nickel project.

The French scientists visited the territory in April to present their preliminary findings.

A spokesperson for the province says the scientists will meet the Southern province and all political parties this week to discuss their findings.

The spokesperson also says they will meet the main Goro Nickel opponents, the Kanak Rheebu Nuu and Caugern groups on Thursday, and will travel to the Yate region to talk to the Kanak population there.

A Caugern spokesperson, Pierre Chauvat, says the group hopes the scientists will present some new findings.

"We hope that the experts will confirm our worries and will confirm the need of recalling a new project with new issues on the matter."


The environmental impact study is expected to be finalised by the end of this year.