7 Aug 2006

Environmental authorities in the Marshalls to again consider huge dry dock proposal

10:18 am on 7 August 2006

More than a year after it was rejected by local environmental authorities, an 18 million US dollar Taiwanese floating dry-dock is being reconsidered by the Marshall Islands.

Taiwan company, Ching Fu resubmitted a proposal to locate its football field-size dry-dock in Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands, last week.

The government's Environmental Protection Authority, or EPA , has set a public hearing for tomorrow to give the public the opportunity to comment before a decision is made.

In mid-2005, the dry-dock plan sparked strong public opposition because Ching Fu, with government support, wanted to locate the facility in the center of the main urban area of the atoll.

EPA officials say that they will not change the 2005 decision that rejected Ching Fu¹s preferred location, but are considering another location.

Taiwan Ambassador to the Marshall Islands Lien-gene Chen expressed his hope that there will be "favorable consideration" of the new Ching Fu plan.