8 Aug 2006

Solomon Islanders said to be confident in the economy and borrowing more

7:21 am on 8 August 2006

Solomon Islanders are borrowing more money from commercial banks than they have done before.

The General Manager of the country's leading bank National Bank of Solomon Islands-NBSI, Peter Goodwin says the confidence Solomon Islanders have in the economy is evident in the way they borrow.

He says in the last financial year, the National Bank of Solomon Islands has given out on loan around 20-million US Dollars.

Mr. Goodwin says this is 12-million US Dollars more than when he started with the Bank in 2002, a year before the arrival of the Australian led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands to store law and order.

He says however loans for projects in rural areas are still risky but the renewed push by NBSI to get its services to the provinces may change the status quo.