8 Aug 2006

American Samoa cannery pins hopes on tax deal

2:01 pm on 8 August 2006

One of American Samoa's tuna canneries, Samoa Packing, remains confident the senate will pass the bill to extend federal tax incentives.

The US senate was three votes short of what was required to pass a procedure on the House Bill to allow the senate to consider the bill without opening it up for amendment or debate.

Samoa Packing's Alfonso Pete Galea'i says the survival of the industry depends on the tax incentive if its to compete in the global market.

Mr Galea'i says canneries in the territory remain optimistic.

"We are hopeful that the incentives will be continued or we'll have to restructure our planning. We'd definitely have to remain here in American Samoa. It would not affect our viability but we'd have to restructure our production schedules and our capital improvement programmes."

Samoa Packing's Alfonso Pete Galea'i

The bill is due before the senate floor for debate when Congress returns from recess in September.