10 Aug 2006

Australian mining company called on to honour commitments on Guadalcanal

6:50 pm on 10 August 2006

The Guadalcanal provincial premier is calling on the Australian Solomon Gold company to keep its promise and start the construction of alternative water sources for people living in Suva Village.

The company has been mining and prospecting for gold in the area for over ten years and its activities have led to the polluting of the Matepono River which villagers use for washing and cooking.

The mine closed down in 2000 amid the ethnic tension on Guadalcanal but prospecting resumed in the area about two years ago.

Two months ago, landowners signed an agreement with the company to build wells and water tanks but the provincial premier, Abel Arambola says they are still waiting and people are getting impatient.

"They've been there for almost two years now and this was put to them when they first arrived. The signing was done later on but the people would like to see immediate action by the company in regards to providing an alternative water source to help them sort this problem."