11 Aug 2006

Tonga plans new training regime for tourism operators

8:03 am on 11 August 2006

Tonga's Minister of Tourism, Fineasi Funaki, is refusing to approve any tourism licences for 2007 until all the staff of those businesses receive more training.

He says the ministry is organising training to ensure that there is an improvement in skills.

The Deputy Director of Tourism, Dr Taniela Fusimalohi says there is high staff turnover in the tourism industry meaning there is a need for continuous training.

Dr Fusimalohi says the Ministry will be conducting training courses probably for the rest of the year.

He says the minister has directed that tourism businesses with ministerial licences must have fully trained staff.

Participants for the training course will be drawn from staff with hotels, restaurants, tour operators, motels, guest houses as well as other tourism groups.