15 Aug 2006

Doctor shortage on Nauru reached crisis levels

7:57 pm on 15 August 2006

Nauru is appealing to the international community to assist with the island's doctor shortage which has reached crisis levels

The Health Secretary Marie Bacigalupo says Nauru is now appealing to companies in Australia, the Philippines, India and Fiji to help them recruit more doctors.

She says there are now four doctors in Nauru, after one doctor was recruited from the Phillipines.

Ms Bacigalupo says Nauru is not in a position to offer top salaries.

"We are not in a position to pay salaries like Australia and NZ can pay and the lifestyle here has its own challenges, so its a complex problem. Nauru's isolation and what we can pay and provide for doctors inhibits us and makes it more difficult to recruit more doctors."

Marie Bacigalupo.