21 Aug 2006

Former Solomon's government minisiter backs criticism of Taiwan

6:07 am on 21 August 2006

A former Solomon Islands government minister has come out in support of New Zealand foreign minister Winston Peters' comments that Taiwan should stop interfering in Solomon Islands politics.

Last week, Mr Peters singled Taiwan out for practicing chequebook diplomacy and said that this aid was a factor in the recent riots in Solomon Islands.

Alfred Sasako has congratulated Mr Peters for what he calls his frank and no-nonsense stand:

"I am so glad that someone has the guts to stand up to Taiwan's money machine. I believe that what Taiwan has been doing over the years creates this dependency mentality because of the handouts that Taiwan offers and it creates an environment where corruption can certainly play a big role."

Alfred Sasako is hopeful that a new Taiwanese ambassador expected in Honiara next month would operate differently.