21 Aug 2006

Solomon Islands businessman says rise of private security firms not necessary

3:17 pm on 21 August 2006

The chairman of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce, Peter Goodwin, says the proliferation of private security firms does not signal an unstable security situation.

Mr Goodwin, who is also the managing director of the National Bank in Solomon Islands, says it is evident that the number of security guards is increasing.

But, he says his organisation is actually cutting back on providing guards for 24 hours a day at the staff's private residences.

Mr Goodwin says there may be political uncertainty but the security situation has returned to normal.

"There has been a proliferation in the provision of security services to some business houses and many residences. I'm not so sure that that proliferation is absolutely necessary."

Mr Goodwin says there is petty crime and property theft but not violent crime.

He attributes the rise of security companies to the increasing number of international organisations in Honiara who see the provision of security for staff as one of the conditions for being there.