22 Aug 2006

Solomon Islands National Party meets to discuss mass resignation

3:14 pm on 22 August 2006

The Solomon Islands National Party is hoping to persuade six of its MPs, who have resigned from the party, to rethink their position.

Its leader, Warren Paia, says the party executive is holding a meeting today to discuss the resignations and whether to accept them.

The six MPs, who include the Foreign Minister, Patteson Oti, and the Fisheries Minister, Nollen Leni, sent a letter of resignation following the party's decision to maintain its One China policy.

The National party is a member of the current coalition government but its stance is in opposition to the government's official position which is that Solomon Islands officially supports Taiwan.

Mr Paia says he would like to hold further discussions with the MPs.

"Our hope is that we'd like to have a close discussion with these ministers and see whether we can come to some understanding because the party is of the view that we can still talk, and we believe that the ministers cannot simply turn away, turn their back on the manifesto that the party has."

Mr Paia says the party might discuss its One China policy and whether it should be maintained.