22 Aug 2006

Niue gets first invitation to Governor General swearing-in

3:13 pm on 22 August 2006

The Premier of Niue Young Vivian will be the first leader from the island to attend the swearing in of its Governor General.

The New Zealand governor general is also the Governor General of Niue, and tomorrow Anand Satyanand will be sworn at Government House in Wellington.

Mr Vivian says while he had the opportunity to farewell Dame Sylvia Cartwright informally being at the swearing in ceremony is an honour.

"This is the first time we've attended the inauguration of our Governor General, also last Saturday I have the opportunity to say thank you to Dame Sylvia Cartwright, and I gave a little present of the original painting of one our major artists in the Pacific - that's Mark Cross."

Mr Vivian says all the Governors General have been very supportive of Niue and he's in no doubt Anand Satyanand will follow suit, although he would like him to visit more often.