22 Aug 2006

Solomon Islands e-learning project might also be applied in PNG

7:35 pm on 22 August 2006

An e-learning project being introduced in the Solomon Islands is being touted as the solution to Papua New Guinea's information dissemination problems.

An IT conference on the European-Union funded Distance Learning Centres project attracted huge interest recently at the Divine Word University in Madang.

Nine Solomon Island schools will benefit from the pilot project, which will give them direct access to internet and email.

The head of the project, David Leeming, says the scheme would use V-Sat networks using broadband, and will mean students from the remotest parts of the Solomon Islands can learn on-line.

Mr Leeming says the project would help to counter the lack of trained teachers in both countries.

"One of the real problems here and in Papua New Guinea is the lack of trained teachers out in the rural areas and the problem of trying to train teachers and the cost of bringing them all into Honiara for training. So the idea now is that we can try and move to a self learning or a distance mode of education."

Mr Leeming says the scheme couldn't be introduced into Papua New Guinea without a careful strategy behind it.