23 Aug 2006

CNMI expects more power outages

1:53 pm on 23 August 2006

The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation in the Northern Marianas says additional power outages past November are likely.

The CUC recently raised power prices massively in the face of rising fuel costs.

A CUC spokesperson, Pamela Mathis, says daily power outages will continue and it could be at least November until the CUC can afford to pay for fuel.

But she says urgent maintenance is still required on ailing generators and the power supply is likely to be cut again.

"At some point, we know and we're telling the public that absolutely work at the power plant is going to have to be done and that's going to also result in some types of scheduled power outages. But right now the scheduled power outages, is simply to ration fuel."

Pamela Mathis says its customers are being urged to conserve power as much as possible.