25 Aug 2006

Fiji netball ensures there won'tbe a repeat of Megan Simpsons resignation

10:53 am on 25 August 2006

The President of Fiji Netball, Alice Tabete, has reiterated that the Association is struggling financially.

Her comments follow the resignation of the national coach, Megan Simpson, earlier this week just 12 months out from Netball's biggest tournament the World Cup.

Financial problems have not been linked to Simpson's resignation who was reportedly receiving a 100-thousand dollar package.

However Simpsons resignation came immediately after a tour by the Fiji netball team to New Zealand was cancelled because of money problems.

The search is now on for a new coach, and Tabete is confident this will not happen again for specific reasons.

"Before I recruit the coach I will ensure that there is enough money to pay for her renumeration, unfortunately this was not the case, and my committee has only been on board since January of this year. Megan was onboard before that. So this advertisement will go out, and Fiji Netball will ensure that it has proper funding to recruit a coach."