2 Sep 2006

Former Fiji MP says nationalise land and abolish chiefly titles

9:00 am on 2 September 2006

The former Fiji prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, says all land should be nationalised and the country's chiefly system abolished.

A Fiji TV report last night showed Mr Rabuka saying he would probably be assassinated for saying this but that is the way to go.

Mr Rabuka said this is the way to solve problems associated with land and the foreshore which are the subject of the controversial new Qoliqoli Bill.

Mr Rabuka said the most stable country in Africa is Tanzania and it nationalised all land and natural resources on independence.

He said Tanzania's first president, Dr Julius Nyerere, also abolished the country's chiefly system and made everybody equal.

Mr Rabuka carried out his two military coups in 1987 in the name of indigenous rights and, although a commoner, was made the only life member of the Great Council of Chiefs as a reward.