5 Sep 2006

Niue opposition MP says country's infrastructure needs upgrading

3:09 pm on 5 September 2006

An opposition MP on Niue, Terry Coe, says there needs to be an upgrading of the country's infrastructure.

He says a recent power outage, which lasted four days and affected Alofi and other villages, was due to the deterioration of cables that are 30 years old and need replacing.

The head of the Niue Power Corporation has said that the entire power supply system needs upgrading, including the rebuilding of the power station.

Mr Coe says there are also other infrastructure problems associated with the phones and water.

The opposition MP says the government hasn't got the money to deal with the problems so it should look to New Zealand.

"If the New Zealand government wants to encourage tourism to Niue, then they have to get the infrastructure, like the power, the telephones and the water up to a standard, so that when people come here, they've got these services available."

Terry Coe.