6 Sep 2006

Call in Vanuatu to get well educated police recruits

2:00 pm on 6 September 2006

Transparency International Vanuatu says the critical need in police recruitment is to raise entry level educational requirements.

The opposition leader, Serge Vohor, says if he is returned to power, he will recruit another 450 police.

He has also called for a national security council to be set up after recent violent events in the country's main towns.

The president of TIV, Marie-Noelle Ferrieux-Patterson, says she doesn't know if a security council is needed, but many, including previous governments, have long recognized the need for more police.

She says new recruits should have a higher level of education to cope with complex matters, such as white collar crime.

"Our concern would be that they need more educated policemen to face the type of crime that is coming more than a national security council, so they can be placed in CID and reinforce CID, and also get the police to become more efficient."

Marie-Noelle Ferrieux-Patterson also says pay levels need to be improved to make policing a more attractive option.