21 Sep 2006

Solomons attorney general denies government claims he had been sacked

5:27 pm on 21 September 2006

The Solomon Islands attorney general, Primo Afeau, says as far as he is concerned he continues to hold the post, despite the prime minister's office saying he had been dumped.

A spokesman for the government, Alfred Maesulia, says Mr Afeau has been replaced because the prime minister felt he could no longer work with him.

This followed a challenge by the attorney general to two of the terms of reference to a commission of inquiry Mr Sogavare is setting up into the riots in Honiara in April.

But Mr Afeau says he is still the attorney general.

"I have not resigned and I have not been served with any letter of termination by the Judicial Legal Service Commission or any other competent authority. And therefore, at this stage, as far as i am concerned, I am still the attorney general."

Meanwhile the government communications unit says lawyer Julian Moti has been named as the new attorney general