21 Sep 2006

Aia Api Party seeks removal of one French Polynesian MP

4:56 pm on 21 September 2006

The new secretary general of French Polynesia's Aia Api Party says it has lodged a case with the French high commission in a bid to have a government member of the assembly struck out.

Hiro Tefaarere didn't name the politician nor say why he was considered to be ineligible but says if the member is forced out of office the Union For Democracy's majority is in jeopardy.

The Aia Api Party left the ruling coalition amid a political upheaval in April when the party leader sought to become the next President despite being given a suspended one-year jail sentence for corruption.

Speaking on the eve of tomorrow's budget debate, the Aia Api Party also called for a reduction in the size of the government and the assembly.

It wants to reduce the number of assembly members from 57 to 35, just two years after the assembly was expanded by eight seats.