25 Sep 2006

Solomons state lawyers bow out of service - report

5:05 pm on 25 September 2006

About twenty Solomon Islands state lawyers, who are members of the country's Bar Association, are reported to be resigning from their jobs.

They were appointed mainly in the high and magistrate courts, the attorney general chambers, the director of public prosecutions office, and the public solicitor's office.

Bar Association sources say they have tendered their resignations in protest against the public services for not dealing with their outstanding claims for improved working conditions, and say the public service has been sitting on their claim.

The public service has approved improved conditions for permanent secretaries, the prime minister's political appointees, doctors and nurses, and the government has awarded a fifty percent pay increase for fifty parliamentarians recently.

The state lawyers' resignation coincides with the appointment of the controversial Fiji-born Australian lawyer, Julian Moti, as new attorney general.